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I became a CPA so I could help others navigate the confusing and often frustrating task of tax preparation. My goal is to reduce my clients’ stress during the process and provide complete satisfaction with the results. My first position upon earning my CPA license was with a media conglomerate. I found the work unfulfilling, and realized that it was because I was not investing my time and energy into giving back. Something needed to change. Feeling the urge to put my skillset to better use, I began assisting members of my family and close friends with their taxes. Soon, I expanded my circle to include small businesses in the community. My client base has grown through positive word of mouth, and continues to thrive on the close professional connections I build and maintain. My expertise shines when navigating my clients through the complex maze known as tax preparation. I create individualized, personalized roadmaps that feature a shared destination: long-term financial success. It is a great compliment when a client refers my services to a close friend or colleague; those happy and relaxed clients drive me to be the best CPA possible.


I operate a full-service boutique CPA firm, and am selective with the clients and projects I work with—as my number one goal is to maintain excellent relationships, and to meet all deadlines, without exception. I provide all my clients with exceptional customer service that is personalized to each of their unique situations, and I guarantee to maximize your benefits to the greatest extent allowed by tax law.

While some CPAs pass off their work to an associate or assistant, I personally prepare and review each page that we discuss. And unlike most accounting firms, I do not have bookkeepers, staff accountants or overseas outsourced agreements. All of my work is performed personally by me, and is never shared with outside parties. My attention to detail ensures an intimate understanding of my client’s needs, and ultimate accuracy and timeliness with each document. And importantly, I am dedicated to serving as a resource for all of your tax and accounting concerns—year-round.

My goal from the first day that I opened my practice 6 years ago has been to provide excellent service, to not grow beyond what I can handle, and to not compromise business relationships. It is because of these practices that I am available and attentive to my clients. If you decide to work with me, you’ll see that I am reachable, on time, and diligent with all work. You can read what others have had to say about their experiences working with me here.


Each person has unique challenges that require similarly unique goals. The purpose of the initial consultation is two-fold: it allows me to familiarize myself with some of the obstacles facing you or your business, while also affording you the opportunity to highlight the things you would like to see done differently. I can then recommend specific solutions, along with guidance and expertise regarding their implementation. I do recommend scheduling an initial consultation well ahead of tax season, as it requires ample time to create a thorough plan tailored to your unique needs.